Like a Honey Badger...

There are times when things start to over flow and you end up losing perspective. You stop caring. You get angry. In short, you go Honey Badger. For those three or four of you not familiar with how much the Honey Badger doesn't give a smurf.. google it. I finally found a few minutes to log in and check on the blog and I was inundated by a long list of overdue updates that need to be made.
Like, STAT, yo.
So despite my lingering Badgery, I made the list of modules to update and took care of it. Why? I've no idea. I know that I need to update this site but the truth is that it's stale and I don't blog as much as I want to.
Too damn busy really.
I know, it's an excuse. I freely admit that.
But you know what? I don't care.
Still, I updated it in the hopes that one day soon I will start giving a smurf again.
Unfortunately that day is not today.