Death by Caffeine

How many cans of energy drink will you have to drink in order for you to drop dead? I'm glad you asked that question! Thanks to the handy dandy folks over at you now have access to a calculator that will factor in your favorite Energy Drink, how much you weigh and spit out the exact number of cans it will take to make you explode.
Or at least keel over in a twitching, spasm filled death rattle.
Best part? The submit button just says "Kill Me".
It's like its challenging you.
Oh.. there are a few other useful tidbits on the website like how much caffeine is in each can you drink, news from the soft drink industry, etc.
But we both know you just want to know how close to the edge you can skate before the tweaking, vibrating wretch your become after a six pack of Monster takes you careening into oblivion.

Death By Caffeine Calculator: