Enter The Ninja

Sometimes I wish I were a secret assassin, capable of scaling walls in the dark of night to carry out the cold vengeance upon some unsuspecting evil doer. If I had to fight my way through a horde of flesh eating zombies, so much the better.
My Katana of justice would slice and dice the undead into quivering giblets as I stalked my doomed prey without mercy.
Alighting to the second floor soundlessly, I would subdue the guards with a quick twist of the hands and necks would splinter as I gently lay them down. The other guards would sense something was wrong but as I am invisible, they would just feel unnerved.
Yes. That icy sliver of fear your feel?
Doom upon you my hapless friend.
I would flick my wrist and razor sharp stars would find their targets with unerring accuracy. Henchmen would fall, clutching mortal, bloody wounds and ruing the day they accepted gainful employment protecting a soon to be dead criminal mastermind.
Silently I would slip into the master suite unnoticed. Slowing drawing my blade as the victim planned and schemed over his criminal empire, completely oblivious to the fact that the shift in the breeze he felt just now was actually his end come to greet him.
A whisper of wind, the rustle of sheaves of paper scattered on his desk and a blink of steel flashing.
Drip. Drip. Drip.
A red stain spreading across the desk as the light of light darkens. His head hits the desk as his life pools slowly beneath.
I was merciful. He didn’t even know he was dead.
I slip away in the shadows before anyone even realizes what has happened.
Disappearing into the shadows.
I am a ninja.
Wait a minute.
Crap. I’m not.
I am just a professional web geek.
Too bad.
It would have been a great way to end the week.

Posted by thepocketgeek